Shortfin Mako Shark (Isurus Oxyrinchus)

Rowley K (2021) Shortfin Mako Shark (Isurus Oxyrinchus). NOAA NCRL subject guide 2021-09.

Bibliography - reference resource

NMFS is conducting a status review of the shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) in response to a petition to list the species as threatened or endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. The purpose of a status review is to synthesize the best available scientific and commercial information regarding the species’ status and evaluate extinction risk of the species to determine if listing is warranted. The information used in a status review includes the life history and ecology of the species, taxonomy, historical and current abundance, trends, population growth rate, distribution, population connectivity, genetic diversity, and threats facing the species. As NMFS has not conducted a review of the species’ status in the past, we are compiling the best available data from any year through the present, as opposed to a specific timeframe. The shortfin mako is a large pelagic shark that occurs across all temperate and tropical ocean waters. This bibliography focuses on shortfin mako literature from peer-reviewed journals, technical reports, memos, and Regional Fisheries Management Council reports. It is intended as a reference resource for ESA staff of the NOAA Fisheries Office of Protected Resources when compiling any relevant information on the status of the species. It is organized into five sections: Biology (life history), Ecology (interaction with the environment), Genetics, Population Abundance and Trends, and Threats.