Seabird-Safe Pelagic Longline Fishing Toolkit: A resource for the tuna supply chain

Molloy J, Debski I, Leathers M, Pierre J (2023) Seabird-Safe Pelagic Longline Fishing Toolkit: A resource for the tuna supply chain. In: ACAP - 11th Meeting of the Seabird Bycatch Working Group. SBWG11 Doc 22, Edinburgh, UK

Southern Seabirds and the NZ Department of Conservation are preparing an evidencebased information toolkit for the tuna vessel-to-market supply chain, (tuna fishing companies, purchasing and retail companies) and tuna industry/NGO partnerships. The toolkit will: 1. Summarise the risk zones for seabirds in the world’s oceans. 2. Describe the technical and operational mitigation measures available to reduce seabird mortalities. 3. Describe the extent to which the measures are likely to reduce mortalities of seabirds when used singly and in combination. 4. Outline the auditing tools available to verify the measures are in use and meet the ACAP specifications. 5. Describe the suitability and reliability of these auditing tools in different situations. 6. Provide guidance on audit results in terms of likely reductions in seabird mortality. The toolkit will provide at-a-glance information for responsible companies seeking to ensure the sustainability of their produce. It may also be useful for governments, NGOS, RFMOs, tuna partnerships and organisations with schemes or initiatives aimed at supporting the tuna fishing industry to meet sustainability goals. RECOMMENDATIONS We recommend that the Working Group: 1. Note the work undertaken to date by Southern Seabirds Trust and the Department of Conservation in developing a Seabird-Safe Pelagic Longline Fishing Toolkit. 2. Consider which ACAP advice or outreach materials could be provided for inclusion as part of the Toolkit resources. 3. Consider whether and in what way ACAP could support the development and promotion of the Toolkit.