2015 inter-sessional meeting of the Sub-committee on Ecosystems

ICCAT S on E (2016) 2015 inter-sessional meeting of the Sub-committee on Ecosystems. ICCAT Collect Vol Sci Papers 72:1877–1948

The meeting was held in Madrid, Spain, 8-12 June 2015. This meeting had different objectives pertaining to by-catch and ecosystems. As regards by-catch, the main objectives were to review the methodology to be used to update the longline EFFDIS data and to update the ecological risk assessment of the impact of ICCAT fisheries on sea turtles and initiate the review of the efficiency of seabird by-catch mitigation measures. Regarding ecosystems, the primary objectives of the meeting were to review the progress made in implementing the Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management and to develop a list of key indicators and objectives for its implementation.