Longfin Mako Isurus paucus: the forgotten cousin

Ellis JR, Reeves S, Phillips SRM (2022) Longfin Mako Isurus paucus: the forgotten cousin. Collect Vol Sci Pap ICCAT 79:183–202

Longfin mako Isurus paucus is a pelagic shark that is found circumglobally in tropical and subtropical waters, and interacts with pelagic longline fisheries. It is encountered rarely in most areas, although it appears to be more frequent around Cuba - from where the species was described originally. Longfin mako is a data-limited species, though suspected declines have resulted in the IUCN considering this species to be Endangered. Available biological data are collated, and initial analyses of ICCAT Task 1 catch data presented. Despite the apparent rarity of longfin mako, mean annual reported catches have increased from 11.7 t.y–1 (1990–1999) to 44.1 t.y–1 (2000–2009) and 134.9 t.y–1 (2010–2019). The potential reasons for this marked increase in reported catches are discussed.