The Seychelles NPOA for Sharks 2007-2010 Review

Anonymous (2015) The Seychelles NPOA for Sharks 2007-2010 Review. IOTC, Olhao, Portugal

The Seychelles National Plan of Action for the Conservation and Management of Sharks 2007-2010 (NPOA) was formulated by the Seychelles Fishing Authority in 2006 to provide a national basis for the implementation of UNFAO international plan of the same name (IPOA). The NPOA was developed through a comprehensive and iterative process of stakeholder consultation and following the criteria as set out in the IPOA. The NPOA was adopted in 2007 and set out a four-year action plan that addressed the 10 goals of the IPOA-Sharks as they related to local circumstances. The NPOA contains two missions statement for attainment within its first four year-phase and set as its ultimate vision “That Shark Stocks In The Seychelles EEZ Are Effectively Conserved And Managed So As To Enable Their Optimal Long-Term Sustainable Use.” The NPOA has so far engendered considerable progress in laying the foundations for viable conservation and sustainable use of sharks through the development of capacity and understanding amongst stakeholder. However the first NPOA has now expired and likewise the shark Management scenarios has changed significantly in the interim which prompted SFA to undertake an evaluation of the first NPOA . The review process has revealed that work undertaken so far has, to a great extent, realized the first Mission of the plan. This provides the basis for the subsequent implementation of the second Mission, in line with the legal, policy and protected area frameworks that are now being put in place, which is being reviewed in the current development of the Seychelles NPOA 2016-2019.