Analysis of Seabird Measures

Waugh SM (2009) Analysis of Seabird Measures. Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, Port Vila, Vanuatu

Purpose To respond to the request for information from the WCPFC secretariat "that the WCPFC Secretariat seek advice from other RFMOs on the wording of CMM-2007-04 [see WCPFC4 Summary Report, Attachment O, Annex 1, 1 a) (iv) and 1 b) (iv)] to ensure that tori lines include branch streamers along the aerial extent of the line and that in 1 a) (iv), the branch streamers are of a length that ensures that they would touch the surface of the water in the absence of wind and swell." Introduction BirdLife has reviewed the existing seabird mitigation measures for RFMOs, and provides comments on their ability to substantially reduce seabird bycatch. In addition, BirdLife has recently published the BirdLife Mitigation Fact Sheets (BirdLife International 2009 a-h), which provide specifications for best-practice for mitigation measures. These will provide guidance on wording and application of measures currently considered effective at reducing seabird mortality. Here we reviewed the existing seabird conservation measures for four surface-longline commissions IOTC, ICCAT, SEAFO and WCPFC with respect to eventual revisions of the WCPFC measure CMM2007-04. CCAMLR manages demersal fisheries, but over the last 10-15 years, CCAMLR has developed comprehensive and effective measures to reduce seabird bycatch, and is therefore also considered. We have not reviewed the CCSBT measure (included for completeness in Appendix I) as it was based on information available several years ago, has not been revised in the interim period, and is considered less than optimal in its description of effective streamer line specification.