Bycatch Management Information System (BMIS): redevelopment update

Fitzsimmons L, Smith N, Caillot S, Clarke S (2018) Bycatch Management Information System (BMIS): redevelopment update. In: WCPFC Scientific Committee 14th Regular Session. WCPFC-SC14-2018/ EB-IP-10, Busan, Republic of Korea

A comprehensive overview of the redevelopment of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) Bycatch Management Information System (BMIS) was tabled at the 2017 Scientific Committee meeting (Fitzsimmons et al., 2017). The work under the final year of funding from the FAO Common Oceans (Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction - ABNJ) Tuna Project is now underway. This paper provides an update on project tasks, integration of regional bycatch data summaries (BDEP tasks), performance of the new website/database platform, and future directions, including funding. Feedback from the recent workshop on WCPFC bycatch mitigation problem-solving (see Common Oceans (ABNJ) Tuna Project, 2018) is also addressed.