Co-Chair's Report: IATTC 8th Meeting of the Working Group on Bycatch

Swimmer Y, Correia M (2018) Co-Chair’s Report: IATTC 8th Meeting of the Working Group on Bycatch. In: IATTC - 8th Meeting of the Working Group on Bycatch. La Jolla, California

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Adoption of agenda
3. Review recommendations from 2017 Bycatch Working Group
4. Brief overview on species of concern and bycatch from purse seine and longline fisheries in the EPO (Chairs)
a. Presentations by Members on recent bycatch activities
5. Seabirds
a. Seabird distribution and fisheries bycatch in the EPO (NOAA/Lisa Ballance)
b. Update on conservation status and foraging distribution of ACAP species in the EPO and bycatch mitigation best practices (ACAP-BirdLife/ Igor Debski)
c. Discussion of potential recommendations
6. Sea turtles
a. Leatherback turtles and fisheries overlap in the EPO (IAC/ Bryan Wallace)
b. Update on sea turtle bycatch in the EPO/ Update on implementation of resolution C-07003 (IATTC/ Martin Hall)
c. Discussion of potential recommendations
7. Sharks and rays
a. Update on post-release mortality sharks in purse seine and longline fisheries, including mitigation (NOAA/Melanie Hutchinson)
b. Update on interaction with whale sharks in the EPO (IATTC/Marlon Román)
c. Report on fisheries bycatch of Mobulid rays in the EPO (IATTC)
d. Discussion of potential recommendations
8. Monitoring
a. Update on electronic monitoring from a WCPO tuna fishery (Observer/ Craig Heberer) and others (NOAA/ John Wang)
9. Perspectives for future actions, including research
a. Replacing unintended cross-taxa conflicts with intentional tradeoffs by moving from piecemeal to integrated fisheries bycatch management (Observer/ Eric Gilman)
10. Recommendations to the Scientific Advisory Committee
11. Adjournment