Summaries from the 2018 ERSWG Data Exchange

CCSBT Secretariat (2022) Summaries from the 2018 ERSWG Data Exchange. In: CCSBT - 14th Meeting of the Ecologically Related Species Working Group. CCSBT-ERS/2203/04, Online

This paper presents summaries from the data provided for the ERSWG Data Exchange (EDE). ERSWG 10 tasked the Secretariat with providing summaries of the exchanged data to ERSWG meetings, noting that the data would be aggregated over Members. The summaries would include at least observed and actual effort, observer coverage rate, observed mortalities and estimated total mortalities. Summaries would be provided separately for CCSBT statistical areas and species/species groups. The tables and figures presented in this paper are mainly an update of those presented in paper CCSBT-ERS/1905/04 at ERSWG 13.