Collateral Damage: How to reduce bycatch in Canada's commercial fisheries

Boudreau SA, Archibald DW, Edmondson E, Rangeley R (2017) Collateral Damage: How to reduce bycatch in Canada’s commercial fisheries. Oceana

This report analyzes the bycatch of marine species in Canada to assess the potential impacts on marine life, as well as to identify current policy gaps and potential solutions to mitigate bycatch. First, it reviews Canada’s management approaches to minimizing bycatch by analyzing Integrated Fisheries Management Plans (IFMPs) and associated Conservation Harvesting Plans (CHPs), as available. Second, it quantifies the extent of bycatch impacts, specifically the percentage of catch discarded and the potential for cumulative impacts, using the datasets available in Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) public certification reports for Canadian fisheries.