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Year Citation Gear Species Technique/Category
Kiszka JJ, Moazzam M, Boussarie G, et al (2021) Setting the net lower: A potential low-cost mitigation method to reduce cetacean bycatch in drift gillnet fisheries. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 31:3111–3119.
GN Marine Mammals
Population Level Assessments
Shahid U, Moazzam Khan M, Nawaz R, et al (2016) Bycatch analysis of tuna gillnet fisheries of Pakistan: An analysis of bycatch data from 2013-2015. In: IOTC - 12th Working Party on Ecosystems and Bycatch. IOTC‐2016‐WEPB12‐INF11, Seychelles
GN Marine Mammals,
Sea Turtles,
Sharks and Rays
Rabearisoa N, Bach P, Marsac F (2015) Assessing interactions between dolphins and small pelagic fish on branchline to design a depredation mitigation device in pelagic longline fisheries. ICES J Mar Sci 72:1682–1690.
LL Marine Mammals
Mitigation Techniques
Rabearisoa N, Lamoureux JP, Cotel P, Bach P (2011) Marine mammal depredation and pelagic longline fishery: second trial to assess the efficiency of a scaring mitigating device in Saint-Paul Bay (Reunion Island), March – May 2011. IRD/SWIOFP Report
LL Marine Mammals
Mitigation Techniques