Fishing Gear

    Longline, purse seine, gillnet, pole and line and troll fishing gears are employed in pelagic tuna and billfish fisheries. However, there is very little bycatch associated with pole and line fishing and there are very few commercial vessels trolling for tuna. For these reasons, the BMIS focuses on longline, purse seine and gillnet fishing gear.

    Read the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation 's (ISSF) overview of fishing methods used in tuna fisheries here.

    ISSF's assessment of the impact of different gear types on bycatch can be read here.

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    Drifting longlines are used in pelagic fisheries targeting tuna and billfish. The longline, or mainline, is suspended horizontally at a pre-determined depth in the water column by buoy lines attached to regularly spaced surface floats.



    Significant tuna fisheries utilise pelagic gillnets. For an overview of gillnet design and function read the FAO Fisheries description here, as well as the following description published by the Australian Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC):