Management information in the BMIS provides context and rationale for the development of bycatch conservation and management measures. We have devised categories for references, to make searching management information easier. The list will evolve over time. Management references can be filtered according to category name, year, species groups, gear type (PS or LL), and also by keyword searches such as RFMO acronyms or author names.

The management category 'Population-Level Assessments' is considered separately within the BMIS. The remaining management categories are as follows:

  • Bycatch interaction rates
  • Bycatch threats
  • Compliance
  • Data availability
  • Data harmonisation
  • E-monitoring
  • Economic analysis
  • Fisheries management performance
  • Implementation & evaluation of mitigation techniques
  • International & national management schemes
  • Maps
  • Policy development and knowledge exchange
  • Post-release mortality
  • Review & planning workshops
  • Species identification
  • Tagging studies