Information from the Compliance Committee

CCSBT Secretariat (2022) Information from the Compliance Committee. In: CCSBT - 14th Meeting of the Ecologically Related Species Working Group. CCSBT-ERS/2203/05, Online

This paper provides information and correspondence from the Compliance Committee that is relevant to the Ecologically Related Species Working Group (ERSWG). It contains four items of information: 1. Extract of relevant ERS paragraphs from the Report of the Sixteenth Meeting of the Compliance Committee; 2. Members’ responses to the question raised at the Compliance Committee of whether reports of night setting mean the entire set was conducted at night; 3. Possible changes to CCSBT’s High-level Code of Practice for Scientific Data Verification, to include cross-verification of different sources of mitigation data such as observer and logbook data; and 4. Information provided in Members’ annual reports to the Compliance Committee on the Types of Information Collected on Bycatch Mitigation Measures.