Haul mitigation for small longline vessels

Goad D, Peatman T, Plencner T (2023) Haul mitigation for small longline vessels. In: ACAP - 11th Meeting of the Seabird Bycatch Working Group. SBWG11 Doc 21, Edinburgh, UK

Whilst the development and testing of mitigation measures to minimise or eliminate seabird bycatch during the setting of longlines is well advanced, there remains a risk of bycatch at haul. ACAP currently recommends the use of bird exclusion devices for haul mitigation in demersal longline fisheries, based on development and testing in large vessel fisheries. The application of mitigation devices requiring robust support structures and on-water sections can be challenging for small vessels, especially in poor weather. ACAP has also identified the development of haul mitigation technologies as a research priority for pelagic longline fisheries.