Other Bycatch Databases

RFMO Databases in the Public Domain

CCSBT - Public Domain Bycatch Data - Read explanatory text here

IATTC - Public domain data files

IATTC - Reports & notifications - seabirds/sharks&rays/sea turtles

ICCAT - Statistical Databases

IOTC - Public & other datasets

WCPFC - Public Domain Bycatch Data

Other Databases

Bycatch Meta-database - ICCAT

Bycatch Mitigation Hub - Clean Catch UK

Bycatch Reduction Database - Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction

Database of Measures on Conservation and Management of SHARKS - FAO

Data Zone - BirdLife International

eBird - citizen & institutional data - bird distribution, abundance, habitat use, trends, images, audio

Find A Species - NOAA

FishBase - taxonomy, biology, trophic ecology, life history, uses, historical data

Global Fishing Watch - open source fishing vessel satellite data (including "apparent fishing effort")

Global Sea Turtle Data & Online Map - The State of the World’s Sea Turtles (SWOT)

North Pacific Pelagic Seabird Database - USGS Alaska Science Centre

Protected Species Bycatch Data New Zealand - Dragonfly

Sea Around Us - global fisheries-related data x RFMO, EEZ, Marine Ecosystem...interactive graphs & maps

Seabird Data Portal - ACAP

Seabird Information Network - global list of databases

Seabird Maps and Information for Fisheries - American Bird Conservancy

Seabird Tracking Database - BirdLife International

SeaLifeBase - marine mammals, reptiles, seabirds, invertebrates

Sea Turtle Online Bibliography - Archie Carr Centre for Sea Turtle Research

Seaturtle.org - range of databases

Sharkipedia - open access database of shark and ray life history traits and abundance time-series

Shark Data Inventory Browser (draft) - ABNJ Tuna Project

Shark-References - identification, biology & distribution data