What are tuna RFMOs doing to reduce bycatch?

A quick way to keep abreast of directions in bycatch research and conservation and management measures at tuna RFMOs is to use the BMIS ‘Collections’ filter. Select the year and the RFMO name and you’ll find a list of bycatch-related papers from working group, advisory committee and other science-related meetings. There is also an option to peruse ACAP seabird bycatch mitigation research.

The 'Collections' filter is a useful shortcut to other important information in the BMIS. For example, in response to feedback from the recent WCPFC bycatch problem-solving workshop, we created collections for 'Guides - Safe Handling & Release' and ‘Videos - Safe Handling & Release’ . Contributions to either are welcomed, please contact us at info@bmis-bycatch.org

Image from ISSF's training video on U-tube Purse Seine Fisheries - Bycatch Mitigation for Sharks: Handling & Release Part II



collections screenshot

ISSF utube PS shark handling P2