Off the Hook Video – Seabird Bycatch

Melvin, E., Mercy D (2014) Off the Hook Video – Seabird Bycatch. Seattle, Washington

This video - presented in three parts - was produced jointly by Washington Sea Grant and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Marine Advisory Services with funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. It was duplicated and distributed (in VHS and PAL format) with funding from the Alaska Department of Fish Game to all Alaska Federal Fisheries Permit (hook-and-line endorsement) or IFQ Permit holders affected by new and forthcoming seabird bycatch regulations.

The video provides information to help Alaska longline fishermen avoid catching seabirds and protect their fisheries. It portrays a variety of seabird species, in flight and interacting with longline gear. It also demonstrates how to rig and deploy streamer lines - a seabird bycatch deterrent required on most Alaska longliners by new regulations in 2003.