Challenges in seabird by-catch mitigation

Favero M, Seco Pon JP (2014) Challenges in seabird by-catch mitigation. Anim Conserv 17:153–533.

Commentary raising awareness about albatross life-history that makes them more susceptible to bycatch impacts. In addition issues of distribution concentrations and cryptic mortality (as it relates to LL and Trawl fisheries) are briefly discussed. The effect of the introduction of bird scaring lines is applauded. Critical to work at a national and international level on conservation strategy that includes: (1) further developing and refining mitigation methods, understanding that in most cases, solutions to by-catch are fishery-specific and may require local adjustments; (2) building capacities within observer programmes to enhance the quality of data acquired and ensure the proper use of mitigation methods; (3) engaging with the fishing industry to maximize implementation and compliance, and to address logistic and safety issues associated with the use of some mitigation measures; and (4) working with governments, administrators and decision makers to promote better fishing practices through the adoption and, most importantly, the implementation of conservation measures.