Tips on using the references search filters


The species filter will accept species common and scientific names, as well as FAO 3-Alpha codes (only those in BMIS species group tables). It is under development, so you should also try the species common or scientific name in the Keywords search BUT make sure to clear the species filter first.

In a table of results, if the Species column does not contain any species group names, this is because the reference relates to 'all bycatch species groups'. It may, e.g., be a general policy or management paper that does not single out particular species.


Use keywords to narrow your search. Try an author's name, or terms and phrases such as biodegradable, cryptic mortality, depredation, cross-taxa, at-vessel mortality, abundance, sensory biology etc. Hyphens influence search results. Try the term both with and without a hyphen.

Search for multiple Mitigation Techniques (MT) simultaneously. For example:

  • MT = circle hooks
  • Keywords = fish not squid bait night day setting



Similarly for Management Categories (MC) or Population Level Assessments (PLA).


Use the Collections filter to browse:

  • RFMO scientific meeting papers, e.g., IOTC 2021
  • meeting papers for other significant groups, e.g., ACAP
  • safe handling and release guides; and
  • Species ID Guides.


Results can be sorted by clicking on the table headers for Year and Citation (A to Z or the reverse).