Tips on using the references search filters


The species filter will accept species common and scientific names, as well as FAO 3-Alpha codes (only those in BMIS species group tables). It is under development, so you should also try the species name or code in the Keywords search.


Boolean Logic etc - Refine searches using quotation marks ("xx") for phrases, Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT), and truncation (*).

Use keywords to narrow your search. Try an author's name, or terms and phrases such as biodegradable, cryptic mortality, depredation, indicators, at-vessel mortality, etc.

Search for multiple Mitigation Techniques (MT) simultaneously. For example:

  • MT = circle hooks
  • Keywords = "fish not squid bait" or "night / day setting"

search circle hook

Similarly for Management Categories (MC) or Population Level Assessments (PLA).


Use the Collections filter to browse:

  • RFMO scientific meeting papers, e.g., IOTC 2021
  • meeting papers for other significant groups, e.g., ACAP
  • safe handling and release guides; and
  • Species ID Guides.