BMIS literature is captured and stored in Zotero, a standalone, open source (free) online reference manager. Zotero Connectors (for Firefox, Chrome and Safari) automatically sense content in a website and, with a click of the Zotero icon in your browser pane, add bibliographic data and related files, such as PDFs, images, audio and video files to a Zotero library. Zotero indexes the full-text content of a library, enabling efficient searching via a single interface. Easy generation of citations, footnotes and bibliographies is another feature of the software.

Individual references, with their associated bibliographic data, can be assigned various keywords or "tags". Groups of tags, along with pre-defined logic, are used to connect items from the BMIS website to their associated items from Zotero, enabling them to be cross-referenced, searched and filtered.

The BMIS server keeps track of changes to the Zotero library using the web services provided by Zotero to maintain a copy of all bibliographic data.