Kellian Line Setter Sea Trials Initial Performance Testing

Latitude 42 ECPL, Baker GB, Goad, D., et al (2014) Kellian Line Setter Sea Trials Initial Performance Testing. for Department of Conservation NZ, New Zealand

Demersal longline.

In December 2013 Latitude 42 Environmental Consultants was awarded Contract 4529 to conduct sea trials of the Kellian Line Setter 2. The overall objective of this project is to test the at sea feasibility, and to the extent possible, the effectiveness, of reducing the availability of hooks to seabirds by using the improved Kellian line setter, in inshore bottom longline fisheries.
Specific Objectives are: 1. To identify the range of bottom longline gear configurations and conditions that allow effective and safe use of the device by conducting experimental at sea trials 2. To describe line sink profiles of bottom longlines set through the device, as a proxy for mitigation effectiveness. 3. To provide recommendations on any further development and refinement of the device that may be required to enable reliable, effective and safe use in commercial bottom longline fishing operations.