Safe seabird rescue and handling onboard purse seine fisheries

Suazo CG, Frere E, Ortiz Soazo P, et al (2023) Safe seabird rescue and handling onboard purse seine fisheries. In: ACAP - 11th Meeting of the Seabird Bycatch Working Group. SBWG11 Doc 14, Edinburgh, UK

There is extensive knowledge about the causes and outcomes of seabird bycatch events in different fisheries and scales. New fisheries such as purse seine fisheries have also provided evidence of these impacts. However, identifying sub-lethal events that may allow seabird rescue is still scarce. Therefore, this paper comes (from the perspective of purse seine fisheries) to review this phenomenon from bycatch events and actions/tools that can contribute to the implementation of best practices onboard fisheries that support the performance of mitigation measures. Thus, this document provides an update and recommendations for the promotion and transfer of safe seabird handling techniques and the use of appropriate tools for this purpose. RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Include these contents in the agenda of the agreement as a complementary line of work to bycatch mitigation actions in fisheries. 2. Standardise these procedures and apply them in infographics, bycatch guide updates, or new documents for crew training onboard fisheries. 3. Implement a toolbox with recommendations on rescue and safe handling for net fisheries, as well as longline and landings of seabirds on deck.