Dolphin research activities: progress report

IATTC (2022) Dolphin research activities: progress report. In: IATTC - 13th Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee. IATTC SAC-13 INF-F, Online

In this document the two IATTC dolphin -related research activities currently under development are described, and a brief background on each topic is provided for context. In addition, the recent filling up of vacancies with the appointment of two scientists with academic background and professional experience regarding protected resources, including dolphins, will strengthen the capacity of the staff in this respect. It is anticipated that at the next meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee in May 2023, the IATTC staff will be in a position to put forward a proposal for a dolphin research workplan, reflecting among others the experience learnt through field work, which for one of the projects has not yet been conducted but is expected to be completed by the end of this year.