Underwater setting techniques

Underwater Bait Setter
Source http://www.underwaterbaitsetter.com.au/bait-setter/how-it-works/
Underwater setting techniques are means of deploying baited hooks below the surface of the sea, out of the sight and reach of foraging seabirds. None are currently recommended as a mitigation method [1].
Examples of underwater setting techniques include:
- the underwater bait setter, also known as a bait setting capsule or underwater bait launcher; and
- underwater setting tubes or chutes.
While versions of the latter have been trialled in pelagic longline fisheries, they are currently used only in demersal longline fisheries (see Birdlife International Factsheet 6 Demersal Longline: Underwater setting chute) and are not discussed here. Likewise, underwater setting funnels or lining tubes apply to demersal longline fisheries.
The underwater bait setter for pelagic longline fisheries deploys a baited hook underwater through a stainless steel capsule. Development has progressed through several stages and is outlined in Robertson et al (2015). To be updated.
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