Risk Analysis - Open Category

The ‘risk analysis – open category’ catches those references that don’t easily fit other categories.

For example, Astles (2015) argues that specific management and research actions relevant to smaller spatial scales can be developed by using the linkage between risk factors and risk treatment in ERA. Coelho et al (2015) provide an overview of patterns of sizes and sex-ratios of blue shark in the Indian Ocean, in order to better inform a stock assessment for the species.

As this is a broad category, use keywords or phrases to narrow your search. Examples include:

  • Bayesian modelling
  • BRT - boosted regression tree
  • EASI-Fish
  • GAM - generalised additive model [also GAMM]
  • GLM - generalized linear model [also GLMM]
  • limit reference points
  • Monte-Carlo simulations
  • potential biological removal
  • random forest
  • regression tree
  • RVLL - reproductive value loss limit
  • SDM - species distribution models
  • vulnerability assessment



  1. Astles KL (2015) Linking risk factors to risk treatment in ecological risk assessment of marine biodiversity. ICES J Mar Sci 72:1116–1132. doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsu207
  2. Coelho R, Yokawa K, Liu K-M, et al (2015) Distribution patterns of sizes and sex-ratios of blue shark in the Indian Ocean. IOTC-2015-WPEB11-22, Olhao, Portugal