Mitigating Chondrichthyan Bycatch: Bibliography

Shinn H (2022) Mitigating Chondrichthyan Bycatch: Bibliography. NOAA NCRL subject guide 2023-01.

The NOAA Central Library has compiled the following bibliography on articles that deal with the reduction of chondrichthyan bycatch in commercial fisheries, with a particular focus on Latin America. The references have been divided into groups according to the type of fishery or bycatch reduction method covered by each article. There are 226 total articles, and many articles are in more than one group. The groups are as follows:
1. Fishery Types 1.1. Gillnets 1.2. Hook and line 1.3. Longlining 1.4. Purse seine 1.5. Trawling

2. Bycatch Reduction Method 2.1. Fishing behavior modifications 2.2. Gear modifications 2.3. Policy or management modifications