Progress against the 2021-2025 Shark Research Plan (SC17)

Secretariat, SPC-OFP (2021) Progress against the 2021-2025 Shark Research Plan (SC17). In: WCPFC Scientific Committee 17th Regular Session. WCPFC-SC17-2021/EB-IP-02, Electronic Meeting

The report of Project 97 (Shark Research Plan 2021-2025) was adopted by SC16 and endorsed by WCPFC17 in December 2020. The final report (SC16-EB-IP-01rev1) is posted on SC16 website.
The 2021-2025 Shark Research Plan (SRP) is the 3rd phase of the WCPFC’s SRP that builds on the previous two plans. The 2021 – 2025 SRP is a living document that can evolve based on the information needs and priorities of the WCPFC. The purpose of this document is to review progress against the SRP tasks to facilitate future planning of WCPFC shark research. The updates on the 2021 - 2025 SRP are included in the tables below.
There are no projects scheduled for 2021 that are not being reported on at SC17. In addition, SC17-EB-IP-13 and SC17-EB-IP-14 are being tabled as additional work to the SRP contributed by a CCM that investigate handling practices and post-release survival that contributes to our understanding of the management of sharks in purse seine fisheries.