Sliding Leads (Lumo Leads)

Rigged Lumo Leads
Rigged Lumo Leads - Image courtesy of Fishtek Ltd
Sliding Leads are an alternative to leaded swivels. They are designed to increase branch line sink rates (to get baited hooks rapidly out of the range of feeding seabirds) and protect crew safety. Sliding Leads slide away from crew during bite offs or when the line breaks under tension, thereby greatly reducing the incidence of dangerous fly-backs towards the vessel, as can occur with leaded swivels.
Lumo Leads are a variant on Sliding Leads, with additional advantages. Lumo Leads include an encapsulating 2 mm luminescent nylon sheath that glows for up to 6 hours, attracting fish to the hook, and which also prevents the crew from handling exposed lead during gear rigging, setting and hauling.
Technical details are discussed on the commercial website Fishtek Marine.
Effect on Other Bycatch Species

Sliding leads with no illumination have no impact on other bycatch species.

Luminescent sliding leads increase the risk of sea turtle bycatch.

Ease of Deployment and Safety
Both at-sea trials in South Africa and on-shore trials in Australia indicate that Sliding Leads significantly reduce the potential danger to crew posed by fly-back events.
Sliding Leads are reportedly easy to fit, no crimping is needed.
Cost Information
For sizes, bulk pricing and delivery contact Fishtek Marine.
Further Research
A new model of Sliding Lead that slides onto the line and is secured by a screw-on collar has been developed but requires further testing. The new design aims to resolve operational and cost issues associated with certain instances of branchline entanglements.
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