The ghost nets phenomena from the chemical perspective

Dabrowska A, Lopata I, Osial M (2021) The ghost nets phenomena from the chemical perspective. Pure and Applied Chemistry 93:479–496.

The XXIst century might be called the Plastic Era. With the continually growing consumption and production, low recycling level, one observes the continuous transformation of the Blue Planet into the Ocean of Plastics. Among various problems related to the presence of synthetic materials in the environment, the ghost nets draw particular attention. They are present in the global ocean due to lost or abandoned fishing gear. Their impact on the environment is represented by the tones of animals caught. Moreover, they are an abundant source of secondary marine microplastic and release a considerable amount of toxic chemical compounds. To resolve this issue, an interdisciplinary approach is needed. Chemical research enables a better understanding of polymer behaviour and their weathering, whereas spectroscopy helps in qualitative analyses and proposes solutions. This paper aims to present the interdisciplinary study of this phenomenon and its broad context, including social awareness but underlines the crucial role of chemical research. One focuses on the basic studies of chemical and physical properties as this knowledge provides the first and essential step to tackle the problem.