2015 - Update on the ABNJ (Common Oceans) Tuna Project’s Shark and Bycatch Components

Clarke S, Nicol S (2015) 2015 - Update on the ABNJ (Common Oceans) Tuna Project’s Shark and Bycatch Components. In: WCPFC Scientific Committee Eleventh Regular Session. WCPFC, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia

This paper presents a brief overview of progress with the ABNJ (Common Oceans) Tuna Project activities being led by the WCPFC Secretariat and the SPC. These activities are comprised of three components: i) shark data improvement and harmonization; ii) shark stock assessment and management; and iii) global bycatch management and information. Under the first component the project is contributing to the harmonization of observer longline bycatch data fields, the t-RFMO bycatch data exchange proposal, whale shark post-release mortality tagging, and compilation of shark life history information. Under the second component, one of four pan-Pacific shark stock assessments is commencing in the form of a southern hemisphere porbeagle stock status assessment, and priorities for the remaining three assessments are being considered. Under the third component of bycatch mitigation, SPC has begun re-development work on the Bycatch Management Information System (BMIS) and is proposing to hold sea turtle mitigation analysis workshops in 2016. Feedback from stakeholders is invited on current and proposed activities, and opportunities for synergistic collaborations are continuously sought.