Staff activities and research plan (Draft)

IATTC SAC (2023) Staff activities and research plan (Draft). In: IATTC - 14th Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee. IATTC SAC-14-01, La Jolla California USA

This document is an update of Document IATTC-98-02a, which summarized the IATTC scientific staff’s work plans for 2019-2023 and its current and planned research activities under the Strategic Science Plan. Projects proposed but pending funding are listed in Document IATTC-100-02b.

Document#2 - Presentation - The 2019-2023 IATTC Strategic Science Plan (SSP) ends this year • Taking a retrospective glance at the accomplishments and shortcomings of the 2019-2023 SSP • Introduce some considerations on strengths and challenges for the next SSP.

El Plan Científico Estratégico (PCE) de la CIAT (2019-2023) finaliza este año • Dar una mirada retrospectiva a los logros y deficiencias del PCE 2019-2023 • Introducir algunas consideraciones sobre los puntos fuertes y los desafíos para el próximo PEC