Implementation of an Electronic Monitoring System (EMS)

Román MH, Lopez J, Wiley B, et al (2022) Implementation of an Electronic Monitoring System (EMS). In: IATTC - 13th Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Committee. IATTC SAC-13-INF-D, Online

In accordance with the Commission-approved workplan for the implementation of an Electronic Monitoring System (EMS) for the tuna fisheries of the EPO, the purpose of this document is to present a report on the progress made during the 2nd and 3rd EMS workshops on the Institutional structure, goals and scope of the EMS, and on the EMS Management considerations, in that order. The feedback of the workshop participants is summarized and reflects their thoughts on topic-based discussions that were stimulated by a series of preliminary recommendations made by the staff, with the understanding that these recommendations may evolve over time, after each successive workshop, as a result of the feedback resulting from the discussion.