Recommendation 21-09

Regulation Title
Recommendation by ICCAT on the Conservation of the North Atlantic Stock of Shorfin Mako Caught in Association With ICCAT Fisheries

First step in rebuilding the stock and process to determine future permissible retention

3. CPCs shall implement a prohibition on retaining on board, transhipping and landing, whole or in part, North Atlantic shortfin mako caught in association with ICCAT fisheries in 2022 and 2023 as a first step in rebuilding the stock.

Safe handling and release

9. Upon entry into force of this Recommendation, CPCs shall require vessels flying their flag to implement, while giving due consideration to the safety of the crew, the minimum standards for safe handling and release procedures of North Atlantic shortfin mako shark, as provided under Annex 2 of this Recommendation, in order to promptly release unharmed, to the extent practicable, and to improve survivability of live North Atlantic shortfin mako shark when brought alongside the vessel. Revisions to Annex 2 may be considered by the Commission as new information from the SCRS becomes available.

Scientific and research activities

19. The SCRS shall continue to prioritize research into: identifying mating, pupping and nursery grounds, and other high concentration areas of North Atlantic shortfin mako; options for spatial-temporal measures; mitigation measures (inter alia, gear configuration and modification, deployment options), together with the benefits and disadvantages for the objectives of the rebuilding programme, aimed at further improving stock status; and other areas the SCRS deems helpful both to improving stock assessments and reducing shortfin mako mortality. In addition, CPCs are encouraged to investigate atvessel and post-release mortality of shortfin mako including, but not exclusively through , the incorporation of hook-timers and of satellite tagging programs.

20. Taking into account that hotspots of incidental catches may occur in areas and periods with specific oceanographic conditions, the SCRS shall launch a pilot project to explore the benefits of installing mini data loggers on the mainline and on the branchlines of longline fishing vessels which participate in the project on a voluntary basis targeting ICCAT species that have potential interactions with shortfin mako sharks. The SCRS shall provide guidance on the basic characteristics, minimum number and positions to install the mini data loggers with a view to have a better understanding of the effects of the soaking time, fishing depths and environmental characteristics underpinning higher incidental catches of shortfin mako.