Questions and Answers About FADs and Bycatch (Version 3)

Justel-Rubio A, Moreno G, Murua H, et al (2021) Questions and Answers About FADs and Bycatch (Version 3). ISSF Technical Report 2021-11, Washington DC USA

This work presents answers to key questions about Fish Aggregating Devices, or FADs — manmade
floating objects used to aggregate tunas. The authors compare the catch composition of target tuna species in both FAD and free-swimming school purse-seine sets, consider the bycatch of non-target species, discuss fishing effects in relation to juvenile tunas, and address other FAD issues. This document updates two earlier versions of the report (Dagorn and Restrepo, 2011 and Restrepo et al., 2017) with more recent data and findings.