Recommendation 23-12

Regulation Title
Recommendation by ICCAT for the Conservation of Whale Sharks (Rhincodon typus) Caught in Association with ICCAT Fisheries

Recommends that CPCs:

  • prohibit their flagged fishing vessels from retaining on board, transhipping, or landing, in whole or in part, any whale shark
  • prohibit their flagged fishing vessels from setting a purse seine on a school of tuna associated with a whale shark if the animal is sighted prior to the commencement of the set; if it is incidentally encircled then steps must be taken to ensure its safe release
  • follow the safe handling and release guidelines in Annex 1
  • collect and report data re interactions with whale sharks



CPCs should implement the Recommendation no later that 1 January 2025#

# see Rec for more detail