Resolution C-23-08

Regulation Title
Amendment to Resolution C-21-06 Conservation Measures for Shark Species, with Special Emphasis on the Silky Shark (Carcharhinus falciformis) for the Years 2024 and 2025

Resolution sets out agreement on:

  • Continuing long-term sampling to improve data collection. 
  • Prohibiting retention of silky sharks on purse seine vessels. Incidental catch to be released alive if possible; if frozen, must be surrendered and donated for domestic consumption.
  • On longline vessels (those not licensed to catch sharks), silky shark incidental catch must not exceed 20% by weight of total catch.
  •  For multi-species longline fisheries, catch of silky shark of <100cm limited to 20% of total number caught per trip. If exceeded, use of steel leaders# prohibited for three consecutive months each year.
  • Data collection and reporting (including release data).
  • Avoidance of pupping areas.
  • Resolution not applicable to vessels <12m that do not deliver to motherships.
  • Research to focus on: identification of pupping areas; bycatch mitigation techniques, including post-release survival related to soak time & circle hooks;  improvement of safe handling practices; & review of % catch limits

#requirements re steel leaders are significantly different to that set out in the superseded Resolution C-21-06 


Enters into force 1 January 2024.

This Resolution shall be reviewed by the scientific staff and at the meeting of the SAC in 2025, in order to evaluate the adequacy of the measures of this Resolution.