Resolution 21/01

Regulation Title
Resolution on an Interim Plan for Rebuilding the Indian Ocean Yellowfin Tuna Stock in the IOTC Area of Competence

Relevant section of this Resolution is that for Gillnets (Parts 21-24), which is broadly applicable to bycatch.

21. Without prejudice to Article 16 of the IOTC Agreement, CPCs shall encourage phasing out or convert gillnet fishing vessels to other gears, considering the huge ecological impact of these gears and fast track the implementation of Resolution 17/07On the Prohibition to use large-scale driftnets in the IOTC”, noting that large-scale driftnets are prohibited in the IOTC Area of Competence from 1 January 2022.

22. CPCs shall set their gillnets at 2m depth from the surface in gillnet fisheries by 2023 to mitigate ecological impacts of gillnets.

23. CPCs are encouraged to increase their observer coverage or field sampling in gillnet fishing vessels by 10% using alternative data collection methodologies (electronic or human) verified by the IOTC Scientific Committee by 2023.

24. CPCs shall report the level of implementation of paragraphs 21-23 to the Commission via the Compliance Committee.


Objection received from India, Indonesia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Madagascar, Oman and Somalia: does not apply to these CPCs.

Resolution 19/01 remains binding for Indonesia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Madagascar, Oman and Somalia.

Resolution 18/01 remains binding for India.