Recommendation 19-02

Regulation Title
Recommendation by ICCAT to replace recommendation 16-01 by ICCAT on a multi-annual conservation and management programme for tropical tunas

In brief, this regulation requires that all FADs deployed are non-entangling & constructed of biodegradable materials (with the exception of the tracking buoys). 


  • FAD management objectives

25. The general objectives for management of FADs and support vessels in the Convention area are defined as follows: ...

c) To minimize the impact of FAD fishing on non-target species, where appropriate, including entanglement of marine species, particularly those of conservation concern;

d) To minimize the impact of FADs and FAD fishing on pelagic and coastal ecosystems, including by preventing the beaching, stranding or grounding of FADs in sensitive habitats or the alteration of pelagic habitat.[ALDFG]

More detail on how the management of FADs shall meet these goals is set out in sub-sections, including:

  • FAD Management Plans
  • FAD logbook and list of deployed FADs
  • Non-entangling and biodegradable FADs



Replaces Recommendations 16-01 and 18-01