Agency Year adopted Title Mitigation Techniques Species Groups Fishing Gear PDF
    CCSBT Recommendation ERS
    Recommendation to Mitigate the Impact on Ecologically Related Species of Fishing for Southern Bluefin Tuna
    ALDFG - management of abandoned, lost, discarded fishing gear, Bait caster, Circle hooks, Dyed bait, FAD design & management, Fish not squid bait, Line shooter, Line weighting & bait sink rate, Magnetic, E+ metals, electrical deterrents, Management of offal discharge, Monofilament / Wire Leaders, Night / day setting, Safe handling & release, Side-setting, Spatial & temporal measures, Streamer (tori) lines, Underwater setting techniques TTX, BRD, SHK LL PDF
    CCSBT Resolution ERS tRFMOs
    Resolution to Align CCSBT’s Ecologically Related Species measures with those of other tuna RFMOs
    Safe handling & release, Line weighting & bait sink rate, Spatial & temporal measures, Circle hooks, Fish not squid bait, FAD design & management, Streamer (tori) lines, Bait caster, Night / day setting, Monofilament / Wire Leaders, Magnetic, E+ metals, electrical deterrents, Dyed bait, Management of offal discharge MAM, SHK, BRD, TTX LL, PS PDF
    ICCAT Recommendation 11-09
    Supplemental Recommendation by ICCAT on Reducing Incidental By-Catch of Seabirds in ICCAT Longline Fisheries
    Night / day setting, Streamer (tori) lines, Line weighting & bait sink rate, Bait caster, Spatial & temporal measures BRD LL PDF
    IOTC Resolution 12/06
    Resolution on Reducing the Incidental Bycatch of Seabirds in Longline Fisheries
    Spatial & temporal measures, Bait caster, Streamer (tori) lines, Night / day setting, Line weighting & bait sink rate BRD LL PDF