Fishing Techniques to Reduce the Bycatch of Threatened Marine Animals

Werner T, Kraus S, Read A, Zollett E (2006) Fishing Techniques to Reduce the Bycatch of Threatened Marine Animals. Marine Technology Society Journal 40:50–68. doi: 10.4031/002533206787353204

Unintended injuries and fatalities to non-target marine species—a major component of “bycatch”—is one of the principal threats to the survival of many endangered marine populations and species. This paper describes both proposed and existing fishing techniques for reducing non-target species bycatch, and reviews their focus across different fisheries and wildlife groups. The intent of this inventory was to gain a better understanding of the range of techniques available and to highlight priorities for research and development. In all, 55 techniques were identified, with the majority directed at reducing bycatch in longline fisheries, and intended to benefit primarily seabirds, sea turtles, and small mammals. Bycatch reduction is a dynamic field with many examples of effective techniques, though some underserved fisheries and wildlife groups should receive more attention.