Agency Year adopted Title Mitigation Techniques Species Groups Fishing Gear PDF
    ICCAT Resolution 05-08
    Resolution by ICCAT on Circle Hooks
    Circle hooks, Safe handling & release SHK, TTX LL PDF
    ICCAT Recommendation 17-08
    Recommendation by ICCAT on the Conservation of North Atlantic Stock of Shortfin Mako Caught in Association with ICCAT Fisheries
    Safe handling & release, Spatial & temporal measures, Circle hooks SHK LL, PS PDF
    CCSBT Recommendation ERS
    Recommendation to Mitigate the Impact on Ecologically Related Species of Fishing for Southern Bluefin Tuna
    ALDFG - management of abandoned, lost, discarded fishing gear, Bait caster, Circle hooks, Dyed bait, FAD design & management, Fish not squid bait, Line shooter, Line weighting & bait sink rate, Magnetic, E+ metals, electrical deterrents, Management of offal discharge, Monofilament / Wire Leaders, Night / day setting, Safe handling & release, Side-setting, Spatial & temporal measures, Streamer (tori) lines, Underwater setting techniques TTX, BRD, SHK LL PDF
    IOTC Resolution 12/04
    Resolution On The Conservation Of Marine Turtles
    Circle hooks, FAD design & management, Safe handling & release, Fish not squid bait TTX LL, PS, GN PDF
    IATTC Resolution C-04-07
    Resolution on A Three-Year Program to Mitigate the Impact of Tuna Fishing on Sea Turtles
    Spatial & temporal measures, Safe handling & release, Circle hooks TTX LL, PS PDF
    IATTC Resolution C-16-06
    Conservation Measures For Shark Species, With Special Emphasis On The Silky Shark (Carcharhinus falciformis), For The Years 2017, 2018, And 2019
    Spatial & temporal measures, Safe handling & release, Circle hooks, Monofilament / Wire Leaders SHK LL, PS PDF
    CCSBT Resolution ERS tRFMOs
    Resolution to Align CCSBT’s Ecologically Related Species measures with those of other tuna RFMOs
    Safe handling & release, Line weighting & bait sink rate, Spatial & temporal measures, Circle hooks, Fish not squid bait, FAD design & management, Streamer (tori) lines, Bait caster, Night / day setting, Monofilament / Wire Leaders, Magnetic, E+ metals, electrical deterrents, Dyed bait, Management of offal discharge MAM, SHK, BRD, TTX LL, PS PDF